Music and The Royal Tenenbaums


Italian band I Cani has produced a music video inspired by the movies of Wes Anderson:

For the video, Lumaca decided to build a story around the concept. “I thought of people suffering from a disease that leads them to believe they are the protagonists of his motion pictures,” he says. “The band liked the idea and I was able to make it.”

Patients affected by the strange disease include a boy who thinks he’s Rushmore‘s Max Fisher, three members of the Royal Tenenbaums family, Steve Zissou, the three brothers who rode The Darjeeling Limited, the star-crossed lovers of this year’s Moonrise Kingdom, and even Fantastic Mr. Fox.

Though apparently not a fan of Bottle Rocket, Lumaca managed to nail some of the key style choices, the symmetrical perspective of shooting, and the color palette that are all Andersonian trademarks. He knew the filmmaker’s work well enough not to have to re-watch the whole back catalog again before filming, but there is one of his movies Lumaca wishes he had seen first, however. “I had to improvise the Moonrise Kingdom scene based on the trailer,” he says, “because the film won’t be released in Italy until December.”


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