Postcards He Gets


A buddy and former Sciences Po classmate of mine (currently studying at the London School of Economics) runs a very cool Tumblr blog called “Postcards I Get,” in which…well, I think it’s pretty self-explanatory. Here’s a recent description:

Very smart of the Universal folks to go sans explanation back here, although it might have been nice of them to give details on joining Dumbledore’s Army for self defense tips while on campus.  Still, despite a day of rubbing elbows with wizards, Erin survived to tell the tale, so it can’t be all dark arts and deadly forests.  Whatsmore, they seem to have figured out a new method of posting letters!  Sure, that owl holding an envelope looks like a postmark, but…it’s not.  I’ll accept that the nifty Hogwarts stamp is at least semi-legal, but nowhere were any of these stamps officially canceled by the USPS.  How to explain this postcard I got, then, except accepting that it’s magic?

Bonus points: thanks for the clarity as to my status, incongruous stamp theme


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