Paul Ryan just won my vote…

…for best-looking candidate, anyway. (Not much else.)


4 thoughts on “Paul Ryan just won my vote…

    • Don’t get me wrong: I’m hoping Biden verbally decimates him tonight. But I can’t say I’m bullish on the chance of that happening. Biden is feisty and amiable, but Ryan’s strength is in his perceived wonkishness. In a TV debate, it’s mostly irrelevant whether his numbers are bullshit or not, as long as he looks like he knows what he’s talking about. Try as he might, I can’t imagine Biden following Ryan into the weeds on this and convincing the viewing audience that these numbers don’t make sense. He doesn’t have the same intellectual reputation — even though Ryan’s own intellect is vastly overrated — to be seen as credible on this. And for that reason, I do think Ryan’s going to jump straight into obscure numbers to disguise what his Medicare and budget plan is really all about.

      • Yeah, that funky wonk cloud can do a lot of damage to a guy like Biden, who’s a straight shooter but not much for the numbers.

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